The Living and the Dead




A rich and evocative Victorian horror, this is the story of a newlywed couple who stir dark change when they introduce modern ideas to an ancient rural community.

CREATOR: Ashley Pharoah

WRITERS: Ashley Pharoah, Simon Tyrrell, Robert Murphy, Peter McKenna

CAST: Colin Morgan, Charlotte Spencer, Nicholas Woodeson, Kerrie Hayes, Tallulah Haddon, Malcolm Storry, Steve Oram

PRODUCTION PARTNERS: A BBC Wales production in association with Monastic Productions and co-produced with Lookout Point and BBC America.

“Ashley Pharaoh created something freshly frightening... tensely eerie and classily made.”

The Telegraph


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“There were some genuine jump-out-of-your skin moments... it was atmospheric, well-acted and had a brilliant soundtrack.”

The Daily Mail

“The first episode opened in a Somerset vicarage, in 1894 and I was already sold... it’s shaping up to be a nice six hours of spooky fun and games.”

The Guardian