Ripper Street gets two more series from Amazon

When Ripper Street Series 3 launched on Amazon Prime Instant Video last November it was streamed more than any other TV show, attracting larger viewing audiences than some of the biggest US shows on the service including Constantine, The Walking Dead and Amazon’s exclusive hit show Vikings. It was also the most watched first show of new customers joining the service.

Amazon has made a further significant investment in original and exclusive TV by confirming it is making two more series of the hit drama for UK Prime customers. Filming will begin immediately in a move that is sure to delight Ripper Street’s huge global fan base, further details on the launch dates for both new series will be announced later this year.

Jay Marine, Vice President Amazon Instant Video EU comments

“When it comes to great British drama it really doesn’t get better than Ripper Street, which has already been a huge hit with customers and critics alike. We’re excited to add to our premium original TV line-up with the production of a further two series of this hit show exclusively for our UK Prime customers. With two Golden Globes under our belt already this year for Amazon Original Series Transparent, we want to cement our position as the home for the best TV in the business.”

Tiger Aspect’s Head of Drama Will Gould said

“We love making this show. The cast, the crew, the writers – it’s an absolute honour to get to work with these people. To get to work with them some more – this is a very good day. Thanks to all our partners who have got us this far – to Amazon, the BBC, BBC America and BBC Worldwide. Back to the bloody streets of Whitechapel we go.”

Ripper Street writer and creator Richard Warlow said

“It is a great privilege to be asked to continue this journey through Victorian Whitechapel. I had always hoped that Ripper Street would live to follow the world of ‘H’ Division right through to the end of the Victorian age itself; so with many great thanks to Amazon, and all those viewers who have taken Ripper Street to their hearts, it’s a delight to have now been given that very opportunity.”

Ripper Street’s Detective Inspector Edmund Reid, Matthew Macfadyen, said

“I’m delighted to be embarking on another dose of Ripper Street – blood and guts, pocket watches and Victorian head-gear, wonderfully dark, moving and mysterious story lines from Mr Richard Warlow. Thanks Amazon.”

Amazon stepped in to save the show in early 2014, following outcry from Ripper Street fans when the series was cancelled. The series 3 episodes, launched in autumn 2014 and available for unlimited streaming for Prime customers, are an exclusive Amazon cut and contain exclusive scenes that will not be shown elsewhere.

Saul Venit, Chief Operating Officer of Lookout Point and Executive Producer of Ripper Street says

“Keeping this series going for 37 episodes over five series is a hugely exciting achievement and is testament to the extraordinary creative results, as well as to the visionary teams at BBC Worldwide and Amazon as our core commercial partners.”

The third series of Ripper Street has been a huge success, with 98% of customers giving the series a 5-star rating. There are more than 600 customer’s reviews on Ripper Street series 3, highlights include:

Lisa Warriner – “A brilliant series with several outstanding episodes. The script crackled in authenticity throughout and there are few words to describe the superb acting of the cast but Matthew Macfadyen in particular was sensational – worthy of many an award. Thank you Richard Warlow and Amazon for resurrecting this fantastic piece of television.”

Mervyn Head – “This is the kind of intense drama that is lacking on mainstream television – 11 out of 10 to Amazon for bringing it back from oblivion.”

Sandra Kenny – “Amazon clearly saw the potential in continuing with this stellar series. Having just watched the first two episodes I can only say, “IT IS ABSOLUTELY BLOODY BRILLIANT!” Amazon have taken this gem of a period drama and turned it into a pure diamond! The writing, acting and production values are superb.”

The critics agree.

The Times said: “If programmes that air on Amazon’s streaming service are eligible for BAFTAs, Matthew Macfadyen would surely be in contention for Best Actor. In fact, everyone involved with the third series of Ripper Street should be extremely proud of the superb drama they have produced. Virtually a masterpiece.”

Daily Telegraph critic Anna Leszkiewicz said: “This series will delight audiences even more than the last.”

Julia Raeside at The Guardian said: “With its unexpected revival, Ripper Street has grown broader shoulders and a more confident gait, while retaining the stillness that made it so impressive in the first place.”

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Ripper Street gets two more series from Amazon