Diversity Commitments

Lookout Point is committed to encouraging diversity and inclusion of all types in our staff, companies and productions.  Our aim is to increase the access to our industry to those who are underrepresented, in the knowledge that increasing diversity, as well as being appropriate and in line with our values in its own right, will make us a more creative and successful company.

This commitment, which should be read with our policy on preventing Bullying and Harassment, represents our commitment not to discriminate in respect of any of the UK Equality Act 2010 “protected characteristics”, which include Age, Race, Disability, Gender Reassignment, Marriage and Civil Partnership, Pregnancy and Maternity, Religion or Belief, Sex or Sexual Orientation.  (Mirroring the BFI diversity standards) we also commit to addressing underrepresentation in regional participation, socioeconomic background, and caring responsibilities.

We are continually working to develop our policies and practices to further these commitments.  Our current initiatives are as follows:

Constant Review of Slate

We constantly review our development slate to ensure an appropriate emphasis is given to stories and talent from those from minority ethnic groups as well as with other protected characteristics.

Mentoring Initiative(s)

We are creating and will implement scheme(s), including with partners where relevant, to provide mentoring to those with protected characteristics who are underrepresented in the scripted television industries, and will incorporate this approach into our productions where possible.

Recruitment, training and promotion in the company and on productions:

We are committed to treating all staff, freelancers and employees with respect, and will select for employment, and make choices for promotion, based on aptitude and ability.

We use clear and robust recruitment practices when staffing productions and communicate these to the crew from the top down.  This will include working with industry organisations such as Dandi and the Triforce Network to assist with production recruitment and provide as wide an opportunity to select those with protected characteristics.

We are reviewing and will publish a revised sustainable and achievable recruitment policy that will maximise the chances of increasing diverse representation in the company.

We will document each recruitment process to ensure it meets the standards set.

Finally, we are committed to working with broadcasters and other industry partners to meet shared goals and targets on the productions we make for them.

Awareness and training in Lookout Point:

We will continue to provide relevant training (for example in unconscious bias) to all staff to assist them meet the goals of this commitment.

Access and alignment with BBC Studios

As part of the BBC Studios Group, Lookout Point will provide its staff with access to the expertise and resources available in the wider group to assist with meeting the aims in this commitment.

Lookout Point is committed to work at board level with BBCS on diversity to inform and improve decision making.

This commitment is designed to ensure that we are creating the greatest possibility to have access to the widest pool of all talent.  It is not intended to create an environment for positive discrimination, which is in many cases against the law, and is against the principles of the company.