Lookout Point

Renegade Nell

A swashbuckling 18th century adventure series about a highwaywoman with superpowers, from BAFTA-winning creator Sally Wainwright and director Ben Taylor.

When she’s framed for murder, Nell Jackson is forced into a life of highway robbery, along with her two orphaned sisters Roxanne and George. Aided by a plucky little spirit called Billy Blind, Nell realises that fate has put her on the wrong side of the law for a reason, a reason much bigger than she could’ve ever imagined, a reason that goes right up to Queen Anne and beyond, to the struggle for power raging across the battlefields of Europe.

Sally Wainwright
Ben Taylor, Amanda Brotchie, MJ Delaney
Louisa Harland, Frank Dillane, Alice Kremelberg, Nick Mohammed, Adrian Lester, Ényì Okoronkwo, Jake Dunn, Bo Bragason, Florence Keen, Joely Richardson, Pip Torrens, Craig Parkinson